Autographs provide a tangible connection to a celebrity or historical moment. Framing and displaying celebrity signatures allow fans to create a physical representation of this connection in their living and work spaces and lead to engaging discussions with friends and family.

LaserJOT presents a collection of framed replica autographs etched in glass. These laser-engraved signatures are floated in front of a matching image. Autographs are 100% genuine reproductions based off known historical authentic examples. We can also custom laser engrave YOUR favorite autographs.

Our replica autograph collection serves as mementos of events and experiences that collectors hold dear. Owning or gifting one of our glass-engraved displays can help people relive the excitement and emotions of favorite celebrity.


Why People Love To Collect And Display Celebrity Autographs

Why People Love To Collect And Display Celebrity Autographs

Autographs, especially when signed with flair or distinct handwriting, can be visually striking and often serve as unique pieces of artwork in their own right. Celebrity signatures (real and replica) provide a... Read More